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Supporting Local Schools and Teams

Daily Juice loves to support our local schools and teams! 

You are a good customer and you want us to support you back, we understand and appreciate that! Afterall, Joanie has 4 kids in 4 different schools right now and we have bought more than our share of popcorn tins, calendars, wrapping paper and ads!

We would love to say "yes" to everyone but please understand that many of our customers have kids on mulitple sports teams and in multiple schools...and we just can't afford to support them all. NOR do we want to play favorites to the biggest sports or the kid that asked first. 

If you have an ad that you are interested in Daily Juice Purchasing, here's how we would like to participate:

1. We want your kid involved in the process! Having them be the point of contact and making the pitch is a critical part of their growth! They need to ask us to sharpen their speaking skills. You already got through this as a kid!

2. We will help by being their partner. Here's how:

  • For ad amounts up to $250, we will sell them gift cards in $50 increments. Your child will be responsible for selling 10 of these to your friends and family for Daily Juice. They don't expire and can be used in our store. 
  • Of the $500 collected, Daily Juice will use 50% of this to pay for an ad up to $250. (if you have $100 ad, they need to sell $200 in giftcards).

Your student sharpens their skills, your friends get healthy stuff, we get new customers, the team has their support....everybody wins!

If they are interested, please have them email and put "Team Support Program" in the subject line.