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About Us

Born in 2003 in the heart of  Austin, Daily Juice is freshly squeezed! We are all about whole ingredient foods that energize, nourish and heal..

  • Fresh juice, cold-pressed & never processed.  Try a cleanse and feel AMAZING!
  • Smoothies made from real foods -no purees, no added sugars & no ice!
  • An changing assortment of light bites including some raw & gluten free options.
  • Austin Born!  Our families eat at Daily Juice too.
  • Our friendly staff is here to greet you and be your guide on your path to wellness



Are you shocked by the health of people today?

Do you ask why people eat overly-processed factory foods that create chronic PREVENTABLE diseases?

Are you ready for society to began rejecting the nutritionally deficient slop sold across the country and served in many schools to our kids?

These are the questions we ask and the one's that drive us.
Convenience is not more important than health but it is a driver to people's daily decisions.

  • Our goal is to make healthy eating convenient.
  • Our goal is to help people wake up from their food coma.
  • When our customers eat conscientiously, they regain their health, energy and life.

If you have experienced this in our shops through a three day cleanse or our freshly prepared whole ingredient smoothies & takeaway meals -and you think someone could benefit, please share your story!

Cary & I have greatly enjoyed helping transform lives, especially our family, who now drink green juices every day.

Please join us in this revolution!

Eat Better. Feel Better.

Joanie Frieden
Certified Health Coach
Co-Owner /  Whole Health Enthusiast

Why can't you find our juices for sale at the grocery store? And why you never will...

This juice is RAW and we can only sell it to you directly. Store bought juices are typically pasteurized or high pressure processed (HPP).  Companies use these processes to extend shelf lives (30-60 days...not fresh!)  Raw Juices like ours contain the live enzymes your body craves. RAW juices have the vitality your body will celebrate!  

Our juice tastes delicious! Visit us and ask for a juice cleanse sample tour and we’ll let you taste it all with no commitment!