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Every year, we would travel to my Mother-in-law's. My Husband would make a plate of food, then after a few "have some more's" from his Mom, her would make another.....then we would go to my Father-in-law's where the same thing would happen. 8K-10K calories later, he would be lamenting why did he eat so much.

A year after we opened this business, we started a new tradition, we called a "conscientious cleanse." The idea was to do a 3 day juice cleanse in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. By going through this 3 day journey, we would remind ourselves how great it felt to be well nourished. 

Now at the Thanksgiving table, we are conscientious eaters. We are grateful for our families and our lives. We overindulge on friends and family and celebrate health!

Please join us this year on our Conscientious Cleanse. We reduce our kitchen staff in the days leading up to Thanksgiving so they too can travel to enjoy their families so we limit the number of people to 60.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Joanie Frieden

Whole Ingredient Enthusiast

Eat Better. Feel Better.

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