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The Power of Pineapples


Pineapples are a true powerhouse. When it comes to hitting all your health needs pineapples are the one. It is nutrient dense, vitamin rich and deliciously sweet. What’s not to love about the perfect pineapple? Whether its speeding up the healing of a sickness or looking for a natural alternative for pain. Pineapples have you covered.

Pineapples are a strong anti-inflammatory. When you have an inflammatory response in the body, proteins called cytokins are released and begin to multiply, thus, creating inflammation. An enzyme in pineapple called bromelain help with inflammation by regulating cytokine response. This helps with things like arthritis, tissue damage and injuries. It also helps with pain and is a good, natural alternative to OTC pain pills and prescriptions.

Additional to bromelain, pineapples are very vitamin and mineral rich. It is very high in vitamin C which helps with fighting off colds, flu and sinus infections. Vitamin C is great for strengthening the immune system and boosting its fighting power. It’s also high in manganese which is needed to build bone and connective tissue. So whatever age or fitness level that is a beneficial perk. Since it is full of so many vitamins and minerals it is said to help with memory, sadness and melancholy.

Another extraordinary property of pineapples is its ability to help with absorption and digestion. Since bromelain is an enzyme it helps breakdown proteins in the gut, making nutrients easier to absorb. Just one slice of pineapple after eating will help bloating, gas and indigestion.

Pineapples are a simple and tasty way to get some extra flu killing vitamins and bone strengthening vitamins into your diet. By simply eating a few pieces of pineapple or drinking a green firefly a few times a week you can rest assured knowing you are doing something great for your body.





Chrissy Gentzel is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in training. She has a passion for yoga, a love for cooking and enjoys being out in nature on her free time. She was originally influenced by her mother throughout her childhood and has since started to pass those traits and characteristics to her daughter.  Sharing these ideals with her family and her friends, she promotes and believes in the power of healing through nutrition.

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